[South Australia] Starting 2019 with Favorable Changes in the Occupation list!

The state of South Australia has reviewed its occupation list before July 2019. Thanks to this mid-year review, many changes will take effect on the afternoon of 11 February 2019.

Let’s discuss in details!

SA has conducted a mid-year review of its occupation lists, i.e. the State Nominated Occupation (SNOL) list and the Supplementary Skilled (SSL) list. A few occupations like Metal Fitters and Machinists, Locksmith, and, Butcher or Smallgoods Maker are added in the lists that were removed in the year 2018.

The most exciting reformations happened in favour of the overseas/offshore applicants. As we are keen to explore the state sponsorship opportunities, these changes may bring us advantages in future. To know more, keep reading!

Removing the Special Conditions 

SA has removed the “Special Condition” status for some of the occupations in the SNOL list. It means these occupations are now available for offshore candidates, although a limited number of places have been allocated for these occupations.

Re-introducing Occupations With Special Conditions

There are few occupations in the SSL list are now re-introduced to applicants with special conditions. As a result, these occupations will be available under the high points category or through the chain migration.

Note: Chain migration is a pathway for skilled workers who meet all skilled nomination requirements and have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia.

This is very good news for Finance manager (132211), Primary school teacher (241213), and Program and Project administrator (511112). The applicants with these job roles who meet the special conditions may become eligible for a state nomination. And, as we mentioned before, it’s a mid-year review, so in July of this program year, more occupations may get added to the lists with or without special conditions.

Reducing the English Language Requirements

We have clients who are in the pool and unable to get an invitation because of shortage in points. One of the ways to catch up to the cut-off points is to increase your English band levels. Here is the news for you, if you are struggling with your band score. SA has reduced the level of English language requirements for a few rare occupations (ex: Real estate Representative). To know your occupation status, call us!

Change in Visa Subclasses
According to the SA authorities, some of the occupations in the SNOL and SSL list will now only be available under the Provisional 489 visa. It means these occupations will no longer be accessible under subclass 190 after 11th February 2019. But you don’t have to worry because they are not removing the occupations altogether. And there are high chances that South Australia may add these in the coming months. For more information, click here!

To Conclude

Looking at the Migration Trends in South Australia, we can say that, the state has thrived on immigration for years. So, the Government is highly supportive of skilled migration to the state. As it is underpopulated, it holds many opportunities in the labour market that needs to be filled. Also, the state population is ageing faster than most of the other states. That is why South Australia is looking for skilled immigrants who genuinely want to immigrate to the state for a long-term settlement.

When Australia is strengthening the eligibility requirements, states like SA are the hope of immigrants.
As the changes in the occupation list are announced now, we should be well-prepared with your Expression of Interest application. Have Questions and queries?  Hurry up, and Call your Case Manager Today!

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