South Australia Announces The List of State Nominated Occupations!

South Australia State Nominated Occupations list

As usual, the immigration to South Australia is highly popular among the immigrants. In this year 2018, we have many clients who are looking for opportunities in SA.
Here is the Good News! The state of  South Australia has announced the list of State nominated occupations for the 2018/19 program year. Click here to check the availability of your occupation.

What is the State Nominated Occupation List?

A list of occupations derived from the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) that are considered to be in demand in the state of South Australia.

The candidates seeking state nomination in South Australia under the Skilled Migration program, he/she must have one of the occupations from this list. Call us to check your eligibility for SA.

Eligibility Requirements for South Australia

1. The candidate needs to meet the skills requirements of the state and have a genuine interest in living and working in South Australia for a long-term.

2. Must be under 45 years of age at the time of the nomination decision

3. The candidate must have an occupation from the State Nominated Occupation List and meet the eligibility requirements for that specific occupation.

4. Must have the proof of skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for his nominated occupation.

5. Need to show at least one year of skilled work experience in the past three years.

6. Must meet the English language level required for the nominated occupation

7. Show the proof of sufficient fund requirements

8. For SA to approve the nomination the candidate must have an EOI profile which meets the Department of Home Affairs criteria and Immigration SA requirements.

9. Finally, some occupations require a higher points requirement to qualify of 70 points i.e. IT occupations

You can see the updates that happened just now right here!

Why South Australia?

South Australia State Nominated Occupations list

Looking at the Migration Trends in South Australia, we can say that, the state has thrived on immigration for years. So, the Government is highly supportive of skilled migration to the state.

As it is underpopulated, it holds many opportunities in the labour market that needs to be filled. Also, the state population is ageing faster than most of other states. That is why South Australia is looking for skilled immigrants who genuinely want to immigrate to the state for a long-term settlement.

The current Occupation list has comprised many newly added occupations and almost all categories of job roles. As SA is committed to increase the population to2 millions by 2027, we can expect it to open for more job occupations in the near future for the foreign nationals.

According to the Deloitte Access Economics’ (March 2018) report, South Australia is set to become the nation’s fastest-growing economy in this financial year. The state is putting more efforts in the business investments to boost the employment growth.

When Australia is strengthening the eligibility requirements, states like SA are the hope of immigrants. 

SA understands that migration has a strong influence on its population and economy. And why wouldn’t it be? Thanks to the skilled migrants, the state is able to supply more skilled workers, these immigrants utilize the state resources, pay taxes, and actively contribute in building the state’s economy.

As the occupation list is released now, you should be well-prepared with your EOI application. Another advantage of SA general skilled migration is- the processing time is much faster than any other state. It means that you can get the results of your application within a range of two to three weeks (in average). The duration remains always at the discretion of the government.

Our team already started working on SA Applications, and we are contacting our clients. If you have any questions or doubts about the requirements, Call Your Case Manager Now! It is the high time to move forward with your application and make your dream come true. Most of the occupations are opened under the 190 (Skilled Nominated Visa) and 489 (Skilled Regional Nominated Visa) visa sub-classes.

If You Are Eligible under these Categories, Do not Delay. Call us Now!

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