NSW Reaches its Nomination Allocation for 2018 and Expected to Re-open in Early 2019!

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (SRS) 489 for the NSW Far South Coast has reached its nomination allocation for the year 2018. The authorities have confirmed that the program will be temporarily suspended until early 2019.

They will announce the reopening of the program at the beginning of 2019 with the new occupation list.

What is RDA FSC (Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast)?
Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast (RDA FSC) is the Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for the Far South Coast of New South Wales. This is a symbol of collaboration and partnership between the Australian government and the territorial government to support the growth and development of the region.

What Should You Understand?
489 Regional visa is one of the best pathways to obtain a Permanent residency in Australia. This visa allows skilled workers to live and work in regional Australia (metropolitan areas) for up to four years. And with an overall of 2 years (2 years stay and 1-year working experience in any industry, in any occupation) you will be eligible to apply for the Permanent residency visa.

As we are at the year-end, its high time for us to get prepared for the coming year. So when NSW opens, we can be ready with all the documents and be in the pool to get an invitation. To know more, call your case manager now!

More About NSW [Sydney, Capital] 

NSW boasts a range of rich and diverse business opportunities. In the past years, new industries such as information technology and financial services have risen as the top revenue makers. Especially Sydney plays a major role as many big IT firms have chosen the city as their headquarter.

Coming to employment, the committee of RDA – Far South Coast is comprised of local business leaders (with broad and diverse skills and experience) who help the government to identify priorities and opportunities for employment, and economic and community development in the region.


Over the past decade, the skilled worker ratio in the bigger cities has increased, while the rural and regional Australia has been facing scarcity of highly skilled workers in the labour market. In simple words, Employment is growing in regional Australia. Currently, the regional areas are actively attempting to attract and retain more skilled professionals.
The state of New South Wales is popular among the immigrants because of its occupation list that comprises of wide range of preferred occupations. Therefore NSW is one of the best options for immigrants to move in and find a better career and life.  Please get in touch to know more!

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