In a Surprise Draw by Canada, CRS Drops by 9 Points, plus, Multiple PNP Openings in a Week

We are approaching the October election but Canada shows no signs of slowing down its immigration activities. And what’s more, there was a draw on 20th August 2019, in just eight days of interval. A total of 3,600 ITA (Invitations to Apply) were issued to applicants with a minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score of 457.

There is a decrease of 9 points from the previous draw round. IRCC implemented the tie-break rule in this draw as well and the preferred time and date was 24th March 2019, at 15:32:42 UTC.

It’s not just a sales pitch when we assure our clients that if you’re eligible, there’s no better country than Canada to fulfill your abroad dream.

Why Should You Take an Action?

To participate in the Express Entry system, a job offer or Close relative is not necessary. Except for Canada, there are very few opportunities for permanent migration. No wonder, Express Entry pool is flooded with thousands of qualified applications, all year round.

The local Job market also plays a key role in sustaining migration to the country. As you know the uneven work-force distribution is a major issue in every province of Canada, therefore, consecutive draws are necessary to replenish the labour force.

That is why Express entry draws can be so unpredictable at times, depending on the need of talents and skills. But they have certain trends which you can understand after analyzing the previous year records.

Such as, in May 2019, the CRS score cut-off was as high as 470. For many, it seemed to be a very undesirable turn of events as the score usually ranges between 435 – 460. It was probably due to the long gap in the draws.

Now the exact opposite is happening. The draw gap has been lower and the CRS has dropped. You might remember we have seen this similar turn of events happening back in January 2019. That is why we expect it to come to a stable pattern of two weeks soon. Also, there may be a drop in CRS to below 450.

Considering all the circumstances, it is always better to be in the Express Entry pool to benefit from the opportunities. Let’s not forget about the provinces that pick applications from the Federal pool.

Labour Market Needs Force Provinces to Attract a large Crowd of Skilled Migrants to Come and Settle

Provinces have different labour market needs than the central. Each of these provinces has a system that analyzes the current situation and takes action in favour of provincial growth and economy.


Once again, Ontario conducted a draw and issued 997 Notifications of Interest to the Express Entry candidates. Unlike the previous invitation round, this was not arranged exclusively for Tech occupations. Moreover, management and financial applications were on demand. Here is the list of targeted occupations!

0114  Other administrative services managers

0601  Corporate sales managers

1122  Professional occupations in business management consulting

0124  Advertising, marketing and public relations managers

0621  Retail and wholesale trade managers

1111  Financial auditors and accountants

3012  Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

0111  Financial managers

1114  Other financial officers

0651  Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c

The candidates (under the new Human Capital Priorities stream) with a minimum CRS 439 or above received an NOI in this round. As most of the OINP Draws are conducted through this particular stream, all applicants need to be in EE to get selected. Because HCP is linked with the Federal pool and invites skilled applicants from there.

If you have experience in any of the targeted occupations, you need to enter the pool as soon as possible. From July, in a very short amount of time, Ontario has already invited a nearly 4000 Express Entry candidates.

Every province has an annual quota. Although Ontario has a history of inviting an additional few hundred applicants at the end of the year, we can’t be too sure to delay and take the risk. So let’s not wait for Ontario to finish the quota before we get a chance.


Did you know Prince Edward Island reached the milestone of 1000 invites for 2019 in its latest expression of Interest draw? Moreover, we are expecting the province has several draw rounds to conduct in the coming months.

Recently PEI PNP issued 143 invitations to the candidates of Expression of Interest candidates in the Express Entry, Labour Impact, and Business Impact categories. Here is the invitation distribution!

1. Express Entry and Labour Impact (133)

2. Business Impact (10)

The PEI PNP’s Express Entry Category is linked to the federal Express Entry system and allows the province to nominate from the pool. While the Labour Impact category asks for a valid job offer from any local employer and has no link with Federal EE.

Candidates who obtain a nomination from the province are awarded 600 additional points towards their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and may get an Invitation To Apply (ITA) in a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.

To Summarize

Recently, the province of Saskatchewan also invited candidates in a draw. If you read every newsletter we send, you must be aware of the criticality of your application being in the EE pool. If you are in the pool already, you should arrange all the right documents on time to fill your application for any PNP.

We have customers who show little interest in the documentation part and down the road, a few of them even miss the opportunities to get an invitation.

You should be knowing we are investing a lot of resources and time on a Canada permanent residency. Moreover, opportunities do not always knock on the same door. So, why are you delaying? The longer you delay, the more the process may become difficult, such as losing points because of your age. And if you are above 45 years, you are likely to get zero points. Knowing this, do you really want to take a risk?

During 2018, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issued 89,800 invitations. We already know that in 2019, the number will surpass the previous year. And after the October election, if the government still favours immigration, we are on a track to see a high record in the coming years.

Wish to know what are the chances of your application to get an Invitation from Canada in 2019? Call us ASAP!

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