Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Think About Immigrating To Germany!

There are many countries in the world who do not welcome immigrants anymore. And there are some who have stricter laws and restrictions in immigration. Even so, people still move from one corner of the world to another in search of a better life. Germany is indeed the country for many immigrants who are brave enough to set foot on a foreign land; embrace a new culture and contribute to the country’s society and economy that has become their new home. Do you wish to immigrate to Germany? If yes, keep Reading!

Reasons Why Germany is The Best Destination For Immigrants:

  1. An advanced Economy

Germany is the largest country in Central Europe and one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The German economy is the 4th largest by nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and the 5th largest by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).

What makes Germany a symbol of power and influence in the European continent is the exceptional development in the several industrial and technological sectors.

  1. A very high standard of living

Due to the exponential growth in the economy, Germans enjoy a very high standard of living. But that doesn’t mean you need a ton of money to live in the German megacities. Immigrants with an above average job can achieve this lifestyle easily.

  1. Industrialization

When we think about Germany, the first thing that comes to the mind is the luxurious modern cars- Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and many more. Germany is home to these world-famous Automobile brands.

Immigrate To Germany

Currently, five German companies and seven marques dominate the German automotive industry.

That is why Germany is known to be the most innovative nation in the world. It is also regarded to be the fourth largest in production and the world’s third-largest exporter of goods.

  1. Low unemployment rate

Germany is a country with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. But that’s not all, the employee benefits and job security are both outstandingly high. Besides the youth, unemployment rates for 30-54 and 55-64-year-olds are also very low. Immigrate to Germany and take advantage of its abundant labor/job market.

  1. Urbanisation

Germany has a number of megacities- Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt etc. All of these major cities are within close proximity.

You can also cover the distance from the countryside to any of these cities in an hour, which is quite rare to be seen in other European nations.

Germans love to keep their homes and cities clean. This is a noticeable feature that immigrants love to enjoy.

  1. Culture

We all know- Germans are music and beer lovers.

In 2017, a CNN report mentioned: “Germany is a global magnet for Beer lovers”. You can say that all of Germany is a great place to relax and chill out. Among the cities, Munich is the best destination for you to enjoy a Bavarian beer, music and great food.

Fun fact 1: Cologne and Düsseldorf, two of the German cities alongside the Rhine river have a long-year feud over “which beer tastes better?” Yes, it’s funny how these two cities and their citizens compete over kölsch (Cologne’s home-produced beer) and Altbier (Düsseldorf’s home-produced beer).

immigrate to germany

The next best thing is, festivals never end here. The festive season comes in every week, especially cities become more lively in summer.

immigrate to germany

Association football is the most popular sport in Germany!

Fun fact 2:  Are you a Carnival lover?

Immigrate to Germany

If you love to see strange masks, music, costumes and exotic dancers, you must visit Cologne for the Cologne Carnival. Also never ever forget to know some of these strange words “Helau!” “Alaaf!” “Narri-Narro!” ( local festive cries famously-known as fool’s calls), if you wish to become a part of the crowd.

  1. Other factors

Most of our Indian clients choose Germany because of the following reasons:

  • Germany provides social security and a free health care system for the immigrants.
  • Cities are clean, pollution-free as Germans are really cautious about environmental protection.
  • It is easy to commute to anywhere because of the 24/7 train and bus service.
  • Germany has tuition-free universities for the immigrant students.
  • Above all, you will be able to find a suitable job and earn in Euros.

Since the World War 2, Germany has transformed itself into a multicultural country that welcomes immigrants. It is one of the European nations that invites a large crowd of immigrants every year.

How do you feel after reading this article? Germany is interesting, isn’t it? It would be a perfect place to call home.

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