The Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) category of the points based system is for those investing in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses in the United Kingdom (UK). The visa entitles all applicants to:

  •  to live in the UK and work in the business applicant has set up/established, taken over or joined in the UK
  • A route to settling in the UK permanently

In order to apply for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur, an applicant must meet the minimum points requirement of 95 and satisfy the following requirements in order to do so:

  • Must be able to provide evidence of access to £200,000 or £50,000 (if choosing the option of specific sponsorship)
  • Must be able to provide evidence that the money is held in one or more regulated financial institutions and is disposable in the UK ( if funds are held in an overseas financial institution)
  • Must meet the genuine entrepreneur test
  • Must meet English Language proficiency
  • Must show that s/he has maintained a certain amount of funds for him/her and dependants

There are however two other types of Entrepreneur visas which Visas and can advise you on to determine your eligibility if you are unable to meet the above requirements.

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