Although the Tier 1 General category is now closed to all applicants, if you have been issued a Tier 1 General or HSMP (transitional arrangements) before this category was closed, you may be able to apply for an Extension and must do so before the 5th of April 2015

Tier 1 General (Extension) visa entitles all applicants to:

  •  Live and work in the UK
  • A route to settlement

In order to apply for a Tier 1 General Extension, an applicant must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  •  Must be living and working the UK
  • Score a minimum of 95 points or 100 points for attributes which includes UK experience, Qualifications, Previous Earnings, Age, Maintenance and English Language
  • Must meet the genuine Tier 1 General test

Successful applicants will receive an extension for the duration of two or three years (depending on the length initially issued to you). When you have completed two or three years, you may be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and must do so before the 5th of April 2018

If you satisfy the above requirements and require Visas and to calculate your potential points score, contact us today!  If you have completed a points test in the past and were unsuccessful please contact us to discuss alternative routes – V&P specialise in visa solutions for the UK!

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