What is the Sponsorship Process for Businesses in the United Kingdom?

The Tier 2 Sponsorship License provides a company with a license to sponsor and employ persons  who are non EU or British Nationals.

The license entitles the company to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship, which will then be used in support of a Work Permit or Intra Company Transfer visa application provided the applicants are eligible to apply.

What are the requirements?

In order to apply for a Sponsorship License the company will need to ensure that they are compliant and meet specific criteria:

  • Your business must be operating legally within the UK, documentary evidence will need to be supplied validating important elements such as tax, insurance, etc…
  • You will need to allocate specific staff to administer specific HR and immigration responsibilities
  • Your company will need to be compliant with UK immigration law and all employees must have be employed legally
Where can I find further information specific to my requirements?

If you would like to sponsor a new employee, or are interested in transferring an existing employee to your UK branch, Visas and Permits.com can provide an accurate assessment for your company.  Give us a call today on the number above, or complete our free visa assessment form whereby we will be in touch with your options!

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