Interesting Facts: 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Brisbane, Queensland

Australia, a part of Oceania that has many amazing cities and unique cultures. That is why thousands fly here to experience the world’s most beautiful, magical places. 

The time has come to broaden your horizon and spice up your dream a little bit by reading this post about Brisbane, Queensland. Then tell us whether you would like to live in Brisbane if you get an opportunity to immigrate to Australia.

  1. The state Capital of Queensland is famously known as the Sunshine City.

Brisbane, Queensland has a sub-tropical climate with hot summer and dry winter. Summer is quite long here yet the temperatures never goes beyond 35 °C. The most interesting fact about Brisbane is– the sun shines here for 283 days every year.

You must be thinking “oh! that’s why it is called the sunshine city.” You are not completely wrong, but there is more to it than just the climate. Brisbane has many beautiful golden beaches which are the gathering points for foreign travelers, surfers, adventure lovers and high-spirited youth. It is one of the liveliest cities in the world like Adelaide, South Australia.

  1. Brisbane, Queensland- The Smart City

Brisbane is the most populous city in Queensland and the third most populous in Australia. The city boasts an advanced economy and one of the fastest-growing industrial development including information technology, financial services, education, public sector administration and many more.

As a part of Smart city initiative, the government has been putting more effort to develop Brisbane technology and science industries. That is why unemployment in the city is at its lowest.

  1. Here is what the Aboriginal people called Brisbane!

The first Queenslanders i.e. the Brisbane-based Aborigines named the city as “Meanjin”. It means a place that is shaped like a spike!

Brisbane, Queensland


  1. We Love Brissie!

Brisbane citizens have their own lovable way to address the city and they call it “Brissie”. And you would not be considered from Brisbane unless you start addressing Brisbane as Brissie.

  1. The Yummy Lamington Cake!

The melting butter cake coated with chocolate sauce and rolled in dried coconut. Wa-lah! What a combination. Yes, it is none other than the famous Australian Lamington cake.

Brisbane, Queensland

A French-born chef Armand Galland created the Lamington cake at a Government House in Brisbane, Queensland. It was served to Lord Lamington (8th Governor of Queensland), his wife May Lamington, and some of the guests attending the lord. And guess what, the cake was a hit among the diners. They loved it so much that the lord asked the chef to give the recipe and that is how it became part of Brisbane cuisine.

  1.  A Cycle-friendly City

Better fitness or to avoid too much traffic, whatever the reason is, Brisbane citizens do not prefer four-wheelers. In the recent years, they have taken a great liking to cycling. That is why, the city planning includes bike lanes, bicycle friendly roads and trails.

Brisbane, Queensland

This makes the city less polluted and enjoyable to walk in and cycle. It is one of the reasons that attract many of our Indian clients to choose Brissie as a place to call Home.

  1. Are you a fan of Jackie Chan?

Brisbane, Queensland

Jackie Chan, the action star that movie lovers across the world worship. His movie Jackie Chan’s First Strike was filmed at Brisbane’s Chinatown Mall.

Something to know about Chinatown Mall:

Brisbane, Queensland

This Chinese vast architecture boasts multiple Chinese supermarkets; shops for exotic fabrics and jewellery; Asian flavoured spices; Chinese medicine; and a myriad of restaurants with the best Asian food in town. You will love it!

  1. Fine Outdoor Places to Eat and Greet 

Brisbane has the restaurants, bars and cafes where you can enjoy food and drink with spectacular natural sceneries.

People also gather frequently in parks to do picnics. In short, outdoor dining is a part of the Aussie culture that connects the people.

  1. You can’t get enough of these cute, cuddly bears!

In a large, bustling metropolitan like Brisbane, it would be hard to find wildlife. If you are thinking this, you will be surprised, visit Brisbane to prove this statement wrong.

Brisbane is home to the cute Aussie creature Koala, Kangaroos, birds, and various species of lizards. Moreover, the city is all green.

Brisbane, Queensland

Obviously, you won’t see a jumping Kangaroo as soon as you enter Brisbane as these animals avoid humans. You have to know the right places.

Brisbane, Queensland

Have you already started packing your bags? If you are, make sure you don’t forget about your visa. Moreover, if you want to live and work in Brisbane, its high time for you to think about an Australia PR (Permanent residency). As India’s most trusted immigration service provider, we will help you to make your dream come true. Call us.


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