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The Department of Home Affairs officially announced the results of the SkillSelect invitation round, held on 11th July 2019. In this round, 1100 invitations were issued to the Expression of Interest candidates. Take a look at the invitation distribution!

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) – 1000

Date of effect – 13th May 2019, 7:32 PM

Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) – 100

Date of effect – 5th Jan 2019,12:22 PM

The cut-off score for both the category was 80 points.

July brought good news for many applicants, as the number of invitations increased from 100 (May and June rounds) to 1000. Moreover, there is a drop in points in both categories. Such as in June draw, the minimum points requirement for Skilled Independent visa was 85 (5 points drop) and 90 points (10 points drop) for the Skilled Regional visa.

Subclass 489 (Skilled Regional Provisional) visas will be closed for new applicants from 16 November 2019 after conducting its final draw. It will be replaced by the new Subclass 491 (Skilled Work Regional Provisional) visa.

As per the new visa rules,

  • upon getting a Regional sponsorship, the applicant has to stay and work in the region for 3 years, which was previously 2 years.

  • The visa validity period has increased from 4 to 5 years.

Regional visa is a temporary pathway to get permanent residency in Australia. It is a popular visa among migrants who are invited due to their occupation being in demand in the local labour market.

This is a drastic change as the immigrants have to commit to the region for three years now. It means before completing this period, you can’t move on to a different place.

As you can see, Australia is taking every other step to concise the migrant flow. The immigration has changed over the years from a country that welcomed millions of migrants to a restricted system that is only interested to invite highly eligible candidates who can contribute to the economy.

However, for those who are eligible for the 491, this is a great stepping stone of Permanent Residency. We are still eligible for this route, even if it is a temporary one, we should explore the opportunity before its too late.

Update #3
On 15th August 2019, ACT (Australia Capital Territory), Canberra has conducted a draw round to invite skilled candidates eligible for 190 pathway. A total of 152 invitations were issued.

For this invitation round, Matrix score range was:

  • All Matrix submitted with 130 to 70 points

  • 65 point matrix submitted on or before 29 June 2019

Here is a screenshot of previous round results!

Wish to process your application for Canberra, here are the process details!

1. To process your EOI (Expression of Interest) application, the candidates need to express their interest by completing the Canberra Matrix, the most important and foremost step in the process. But before that, you need to understand the matrix and how it is implemented in your application process. Call our immigration specialists right now!

2. The candidates are requested to provide all the correct documents (with accurate information) when they lodge their applications. If not, ACT will reject the profiles.

3. The government has strictly mentioned that- they will not accept any biased requests from candidates saying,

– Expiry of English language results or skills assessments

– Change of age

– Visa expiry etc

A careful application submission work is needed for an ACT state nomination, starting from an Expression of Interest to submitting all the correct documents. The guidelines clearly state they are more focused on seeing the correct documents and will not tolerate any misapprehension. If you are already a customer of V&P, our case specialists will process your application as soon as the state opens.

Canberra is frequently conducting draws, evident from the above table. Even being considered as Australia’s largest inland city and capital, Canberra was not active in inviting migrants. A few years ago, the city’s main industry was Public Administration and Safety. Till today, a majority of its population works for the government sectors. But there are enormous developments are happening in Canberra in public sectors and industries, following Melbourne and Sydney.

As the capital was never really had a large work-force for the industrial transformation, they launched their new migration system last year to invite foreign workers. It is conducting consecutive draws, since then.

For more information on Canberra, read Top Reasons Why Immigrants are Now Choosing Canberra over Other Cities!

We have more updates to share. All you need to do is, read carefully and prepare yourself for the application process. Don’t forget to keep in touch with us as you obviously need more in-depth process knowledge which only a specialist can provide. Call Now!

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