We Can Help You Figure Out Where to Move in Ontario and How to Get an Invitation As the Streams Are Open to Take New Application

Canada is a country with enormous potential in terms of jobs, quality of life, healthcare, and education. Ontario is a province that stands high and tall in regards to having plenty of resources for migrants. Due to being ethnically diverse and bilingual communities, it is a popular choice among the Asian migrants, till today.

In Ontario, where should you move? To this question, we could give you the names of cities that would offer you first-grade opportunities. But recently we started to understand not all of our customers’ best choice is Greater Toronto or any other already-populated mega cities. Although these metropolises are full of opportunities and the first pick for most of the migrants but the best city for you to migrate entirely depends from person to person. 

For many Indians, 

  1. We mostly sought out cities where there are sizable populations of migrants from India.
  2. Yes, a decade before, immigrants flocked to Canada’s biggest cities. But scenarios have changed. Now, many small towns and cities offer the same benefits with a more affordable cost of living. You can obviously choose one to migrate through the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.
  3. Some of you may choose places that offer good employment and tuition-free schools and highly famed universities for your children.
  4. Some cities are nearest to Toronto and do not need much time to travel to-and-fro to Toronto.
  5. A few may choose suburbs for a laid back life.
  6. For Indians who are not willing to go to a very cold climate, they may end up choosing warm cities like Calgary.

In 2020, let’s first determine your interests and recognize the cities in Ontario or any other province that will benefit you and your family. How to do that? Take a free consultation from our experts on Canadian provinces and cities. Tell us your queries, we will give you reasonable answers. For example, if you are an engineer in the oil or mining industry, then Calgary is the destination of choice. If you are looking for the best of the best universities for your children to study as their future is the main goal of your life, you can choose Hamilton. All this data is available with us, get in touch and let’s have a discussion.


Coming to our main update, Ontario issued its first Express Entry-linked invitations of the year 2020 to 242 candidates

As we mentioned in our previous newsletters, the OINP has issued a total of 7350 nominations to successful applicants across all streams in 2019, including the 700 additional nominations received through an in-year reallocation. An additional 41 nominations were issued for temporary foreign workers in intermediate skilled occupations.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is currently accepting applications under the following streams:

  • Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream

  • PhD Graduate Stream

  • French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream*

  • Human Capital Priorities Stream*

  • Skilled Trades Stream*

  • Entrepreneur Stream

The recent invitation round was for French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream. But it’s a new start, as many of the above streams are open to applicants, we may have draws for candidates under those categories soon. So if your application belongs to any of these streams, let’s be quick and enter Express Entry pool to get our chance.

As you know, all these streams won’t be open all around the year. Some may close after accepting sufficient profiles and may or may not open even after months. Instead of waiting, let’s be proactive with our approach. If you are meeting the criteria to get a permanent residency in Canada, why not take the advantages of this golden opportunity!

Also, this year there is an increase in the immigration quota in comparison to last year. It also increases the allocation for the provinces. Let’s take this opportunity. Ontario has a vast necessity for skilled workers in the local labour market. Your experience and skills will play a big role to support the province. No matter which city you want to move in Ontario, we can help. Let’s have a quick call. 

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