[WES, Canada] Important Changes in Education Credential Assessment!

There are a few important changes in WES (World Education Services) evaluation system for the candidates who have studied outside of Canada. The latest changes may affect the applications of many skilled workers, who wish to immigrate to Canada.

WES has announced that it will not evaluate the education credentials from Punjab Technical University (PTU).

In Detail:

Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is the first step to become eligible for the Express Entry Pool. If you are submitting a profile in Canada’s Express Entry pool, you must demonstrate a required level of education. And a candidate without a post-secondary degree (i.e. Master’s degree) from Canada needs to be assessed by an accredited assessment body such as World Education Services (WES).

In this evaluation, WES will determine whether you are eligible to secure the education points as per the IRCC guidelines.

WES is the most widely preferred assessing bodies because of the low cost and simplicity of the process. It takes approx. 20-25 days for the assessment and to provide the ECA report after receiving all the required documents.  The time duration is way faster than any other assessing bodies who take months for an evaluation.

Over the years, WES has given many benefits to the brightest minds who wish to immigrate to Canada. But the system is going through unprecedented changes. A while before the PTU rejection, there was another news that gave us a hint of the changing education demands. Last month, WES rejected the education credentials from United Business Institutes, Europe.

Well, there are many reasons why WES would reject any university:

  1. Every country has a statutory body that is responsible for the coordination, determination and maintenance of standards of higher education. Such as, in India, a university needs to have the approval of UGC (University Grants Commission). WES, Canada may reject the education credentials of a university without a UGC approval.
  2.  Fraud education documents can be a reason for WES to decline evaluation.

It is never disclosed why WES rejects the credentials from any educational institute. But as per our observation, it evaluates the universities according to their credibility, reputation and high education standards.

As you can see, now, WES is making the education evaluation more rigid. There are chances that it may exclude other universities from its assessment list.

Your Action Plan

We advise you to initiate the visa process as soon as possible and get your ECA from WES because a dealy may affect your Canada PR application.

Although we have alternative pathways to get an assessment, the process may complicate and take a longer time. To know whether or not WES will evaluate your credential, call us today. Or

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