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ACT (Australian Capital Territory), Canberra conducted an invitation round and issued invitations to candidates under 190 (Skilled Nominated) and 491 (Skilled Work Regional) streams.

This is the 1st invitation round of 2020. And a total of 275 invitations are issued. The distribution as follows:

ACT 190 nomination:

  • Invitations Issued: 200

  • All Matrix submitted: 145 to 80 points

ACT 491 nomination:

  • Invitations Issued: 75

  • All Matrix submitted: 125 to 75 points

Here is the ACT occupation list, effective from 1st Jan 2020.

What is a Canberra Matrix?

It is a 12-factor points system and to apply for ACT the applicants need to express their interest by completing the Canberra Matrix. The factors are:

1. English proficiency

2. Spouse/Partner English proficiency

3. Occupation

4. Length of current ACT employment

5. ACT Employment Type

6. Current ACT Residence

7. Spouse/Partner Employment

8. Study Level at Tertiary Institution

9. Study Completed at an ACT tertiary institute

10. Prospective Applicants

11. Assets in Canberra

12. Close Family Ties

All these factors have multiple options, based on the option you choose, the points will be allocated. The important point is, once you submit the application, it will be frozen instantly. Henceforth, you can’t update it for the second time. We have mentioned before, that ACT, Canberra puts focus on correct application submission. One single mistake can be the reason for rejection. Our experts can help!

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Life in Canberra

When it comes to migrating to Australia, you end up thinking cities like Melbourne, Sydne, Darwin etc. We hardly considered the capital of Australia, Canberra. But things are changing at an amazing speed. In the past few years, a lot of Australians are moving to Canberra from other cities. In addition, since 2019, Canberra started shifting its attention to migrants.
1. Canberra is a fantastic city. It is extremely clean and has a low crime rate, unlike the majority of national capitals. The city is also known to be “Bush Capital” and surrounded by woods and mountains. The planning of the city includes natural landscapes, parks and native vegetation. The spring bloom is just too beautiful to admire. If you are seeking an outdoor lifestyle, where you can spread your wings and breathe the clean air, Canberra is just for you.
2. There are lots of funds. It is the most enticing point. The development of infrastructure and industries, the national government is putting special attention to Canberra. Thanks to that, many successful businesses have taken a root in this capital. Before it was a city of government bureaucrats, but now many private sectors are developing. Therefore, you would have access to a network of highly educated professionals.
3. It is not overpopulated. That is why the property price is reasonable and a perfect destination for newcomers.

4. Traffic is a lot less than other megacities, where commuting from one place to another is painstaking.

5. The quality of life is high. Canberrans are social loving and love crowds. So there is nightlife, cultural programs at the theatre and musical, and sports activities.
6. As we said, it was a city of bureaucrats first, therefore, the schools and universities have always been high-class. If your kid’s education is a priority, you should choose Canberra.

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